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The Origin of Salatoul Fatihi, By Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh


Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim.  I begin first of all by praising Allah the Almighty, the Omniscient and the Omnipotent; his prophet, his servant and friend, the sovereign Muhammad (PBH) who is the essence of favors, the light of hearts, the source of divine mercy and the beloved of Allah (all praises are due to Him); to his servant, the spiritual son of Prophet Muhammad the possessor of the universe’s secrets; the direct intermediary between the prophet of Islam and the other prophets; the source of absolute power, the essence of mysteries, the provider of lights, the leader of Allah’s Government, the Khalif of Al-Bast,  his Excellency Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmad ibn Muhammad at-Tijany Cherif (RTA).

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to tell you about the history of a light that propagates in the hearts and souls, thanks to Cheikh at-Tijany Cherif the Salatou Fatiha drawing its originality from the sacred source of Al-Bast. It is a vivified light in its metaphysical form by Allah, the Creator of beings. This light was represented in a shape of a star with five branches inhabited by an “Uluhiyaat” (a profusion of divine light). The branch number 1 of this star monitored by the Uluhiyaat Allahu  was composed of two illuminated seas, of which the first took its roots from Al Kursiyu called Ach-Chadjaratine Mubarakatine (the light of the sacred fruit).

The second branch was within a sea located at a station of Arch called Zaytunatine (Olive tree per excellence). Inside this illuminated branch sat 10 billion angels, surrounded by a circle of Nawamiss (angelic guardians of the restricted circle) where resounded the voice of excellence (allahouma…il fatihi lima ukhlikha). That light projected by the branch constituted the bubble of lights that submerged the illuminated sea of Al-Bast called Bahroul Kanzi. In the second branch of the star one could see a gigantic torrent of lights carrying 313 prophets and messengers, each holding in his hand a bottle with which he fed himself from the torrent of lights and where you could read in golden inscriptions “Wal Khatimi Lima Sabakha”. This light was flowing into a sea whose waters are composed of 25 billions of luminous rays. Each ray was handled by an angel chanting the glories of the Prophet in these terms “Ma Kana Muhammad Aba Ahadin Min Ridjialikum Wa Lakin Rassula Lahi Wa Khatimi Nabi-Ina Wa Kana Lahu Bikuli Chey-In Alim”. And these resounded throughout the universe of Al-Bast where the hidden face of ALLAH manifested itself in each melody, projecting a light toward the peak of the hut.

In the third branch there were 300 rooms and in each room resonated the Zikr: Anaciril Hakhi Bil Hakhi. 30 angels were sitting in each of those rooms, their voices dominating the atmosphere of Al-Bast in which the name of Prophet Muhammad was in golden inscription under the pseudonym of Seydi Ahmed.

In the fourth branch of the star circulated one angel holding in his hand three thousand pieces of golden metal and on each piece one could read in diamond letters “Wal Hadi Ila Siratikal Mustakhim”. A countless number of angels came out of those pieces where around 20 luminous seas in red color took their source from one horizon of Al-Bast called “Nurul Rahmati” (the light of mercy).

In the fifth and last branch of the star was a mountain of light rotating around a well. On top of the mountain, sat a man (Muhammad Damrawiyu) of 20 years of age watching a strange phenomenon. 10 thousand angels seemed to be bathing in the well and getting out it. Then another countless number of angels got in and took water from the well. The water looked like a green light that one could hear singing “Wa Ala Alihi Hakha Khadrihi Wa Mikhdarihil Hazimi”.

The star could be seen vibrating with its five throngs in unison with the angels chanting the same phrase. A sixty-years old man, with a shining face told me. Here is the salat that nobody among the beings could recite without having an exploded heart. It was at that moment that I saw a strange man coming forth from a tunnel that stretched back to the summit of the divine enclosure, surrounded by five different luminous seas, each having its fountain at a different location. The first stems from the divine sea of light called “Bahrul Uluhiyaat”. The second takes its root from the sea of prophecy called “Bahrul Nabawiyat”. The third is connected to the sea of light of Bahrul Miftah”. The fourth comes from the sea of purity called “Bahrul Kunuz” and the last from the sea of power, “Bahrul Kanzi”.

The man headed toward the case’s peak, bearing the appearance of a human being aged 40. Light ran down his forehead, his nice gleaming hair, with a rapid gate like a man of exceptional character. His body scent was more agreeable than musk; he was wearing a red mantle that looked like a sun that and collided and fused with a moon; like a lamp that propelled 10 thousand watt per tierce. He came forth assuredly by the star with its five miraculous throngs. He lifted it with his hands and exclaimed: “I am Cheikh at-Tijany, possessor of this salat called Salatoul Fatihi. All those who recite inside the five branches are under my authority. I am the Khalif of God and of the Prophet Muhammad. Anyone that has to come here should pass by me, because I am the door of divine blessing and the light of the Prophet Muhammad (pbh)”.

It was at that very moment that a sixty years old man emerged out of the case and said: “by divine light, all what this man said is true”. I approve and guarantee. That man was no one but the Prophet Muhammad (PBH).  He then walked toward Cheikh at-Tijany and both of them revealed the hidden zikr “Allâhouma çalli 'alâ  Seyidinâ Mouhamadine il fâtihi limâ oukhlikha wal khatimi limâ sabakha Anaciril hakhi bil hakhi wal hâdî ilâ çirâtikal moustakhîm wa 'alâ âlihi hakh khadrihi wa mikhdârihil hazîm. It was thus that gigantic bubble of light went off into five strands or pieces on which we could read:

  • piece 1: Allahouma çalli alâ seydina mouhammadine il fatihi limâ oukhlikha.
  • Piece 2: Allahouma çalli alâ seydina mouhammadine wal khatimi limâ sabakha.
  • Piece 3: Allahouma çalli alâ seydina mouhammadine anâçiril hakhi bil hakhi "
  • Piece 4: Allahouma çalli alâ seydina mouhammadine wal hâdî ilâ çirâtikal moustakhîmi.
  • Piece 5: Allahouma çalli alâ seydina mouhammadine wa alâ âlihî hakha khadrihî wa mikhdârihil hazîm.

These five pieces sparkle in the world of Khayb provoking billions of years later a flame of light that Cheikh at-Tijany asked Khutbul Akhtabul Kabir to show to Muhammadul Bikri after he had spent 22 years of spiritual seclusion underground.  This is the true history of the origin of Salatoul Fatihi that our beloved and master Mawlaya Cheikh at-Tijany used to embellish the world of divine mercy, an incomparable light that the holy saints should absolutely taste to be able to attend the khadaratoul illahiya.

Peace be upon you, and may the Great Cheikh sanctify you, InshaAllah, by the blessings of Prophet Muhammad.

Seydi Mouhamed ElCheikh

Translated by Cheikh Tidiane Lo